MUA BÁN - TRIỂN LÃM - HỘI CHỢ | 1 / 12 เพิ่มเติม | Люди будущего / The Tomorrow People
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Bakuman Season 2



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Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen


After the decision to serialize Moritaka and Akito has been made, they are introduced to Miura, their new manager. At first, the two thought it was a joke, but Hattori gives them a pep talk before leaving. While Miura doesn't seem like a bad person, he is given to rudeness and seems to be worried about the duo's future. In addition, the duo are given 3 assistants to work on their manuscript, and with the assistance of Ozawa, an experienced assistant, their work progresses well. At the start of the new year, Moritaka and Akito both attend Shonen Jack's New Year Party. There, they meet Hiramaru Kazuya, said to be a genius of a whole different level from Eiji.